Silicon City is a retro city building game and focuses on indivuduals and all their data and statistics.
Build a city block by block and discover the life going on under your mayor’s eye.
Analyse data from your citizen and adjust your urban strategy to optimize your results.

You will feel the tribute to the old SimCity© and will also discover a whole new city living under your mouse clicks. Every single citizen who join your city has a job, a life, skills that can grow with a decent educational system and most likely a terrible commute time that could be of your concern, or not.

As the founding mayor of your city, gain the approbation of your citizen and follow the growth of your population.

Open BETA has started!

the game is available to download for free until the 30th of June.

click here to download the beta version

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2019 Timeline

April 15

Open BETA starts

Silicon City is available for download to anyone for free! Play the game during the continuous development. Give a useful feedback and see fast-improvements every week. Serious open-beta testers will be granted access to the closed beta. Subscribe to the newsletter and stay updated with the latest news.
June 30

open BETA ends

July 1

Kickstarter campaign

Silicon City will be raising funds to hire a game designer and budget for marketing.
The Kickstarter campaigns will remain for 30 days.

July 30

Kickstarter campaign ends

August 1

Closed BETA

Selected testers from the open beta will be chosen to apply to the closed BETA testing.
Backers from Kickstarter will join the pool of testers.

Testers will receive an early copy of the game and will receive biweekly updates to test and give feedback to.
Tester’s game access will remain valid after the official game release.

September 30

closed BETA ends

October 1

Official game release!

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